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Tocco Lifestyle range of devices automate your life with the “ Internet of Things (IoT)" technology. Tocco Lifestyle enables intelligent wireless networking of our lights, curtains, camera, security devices and appliances together. Tocco enables full control of your home from app and touch.

Home automation has been held back due to complexity of implementation, proprietary protocols, complicated cabling, controllers, gateways. Only recently has the technology matured to offer you a simple wireless (wi fi) implementation without any special pre-condition..

It is so simple that you can even give your existing home a Touch of Life by retrofitting Tocco devices without any major modification. With Our Smart Apps on ios and Android, you set the personal preferences and schedule for providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home.

Our Products

Smart Wi Fi Switch Modules


  • No Gateway, No host server needed
  • Controlled by mobile phone anywhere and anytime
  • Set scene as need freely
  • Luxury design with high-end technology, as to supply you and your family higher savour & quality towards life.
  • Complete functions: Time switch, scene setting, renames freely, group room as you need.
  • Reliable and safe: unique module, keep your house safe.
  • Integrate with central air condition controlling, detect temperature automatically.
  • LED back indication light.
  • Large touch key design.

Easy Mobile Aplication

Wifi Dimmer
Wifi Curtain Controller
Wifi Socket
IR Repeater
Wifi Fan Controller
Wifi Switches

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Product Scene


Experience Varieties of Ambiance at your finger tip

Today wireless technologies are more in use than wired base system for communication and control.
Both has its own advantage but by far due to convenience, wireless is more popular over wired due to its advantage of installing the system even when the interior is over or any time the client wants it to do.

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